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Great Lakes Insurance Advisors is a boutique insurance agency based in Detroit, Michigan. Our Employee Benefits Group works with small and middle-market companies throughout Michigan and the Midwest.
We are led by industry experts with more than a decade of experience at national insurance carriers. We’re intentionally built as a ‘next generation’ service model, to deliver more personal and motivating benefit programs to attract and retain better talent.
A key advantage of Great Lakes is our partnerships with subject-matter and technology experts. Operating as a customized client team, we maximize responsiveness and flexibility – along with efficiency and effectiveness – that is unavailable with traditional service models.
We invite you to contact us and learn how Great Lakes can help you engage and retain your best employees. And secure the success of your company.

“There are only three measurements that tell you nearly everything you need to know about your organization’s overall performance: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow.”
–Jack Welch


By leveraging subject-matter experts and technology, Great Lakes Insurance Advisors integrates its ‘next generation’ service model within the four interrelated areas of employee benefits:


We evaluate the full scope of an employee benefits plan, both on a standalone and comparative basis. Our evaluation begins with how the plan is designed. And importantly, how its cost effectiveness, value and satisfaction are managed and improved over time.



We take a holistic, proactive approach to manage the evolving complexities of our clients’ legal, tax and other requirements. By exclusively partnering with subject-matter experts in every area of need, we’re able to provide an unmatched level of service and risk reduction.



We know from experience that clients want and need help to minimize complexity, risk and hassle, while simultaneously leveraging the use of technology. That’s why we purposefully partner with leading-edge HR and employee benefits technical experts.



Education – We’ve found this is one of the most underutilized opportunities in employee benefits. It begins with customized research and taking an employee-centric view. And then partnering with marketing specialists to drive employee engagement, behavioral change and retention.


We invite you to contact us to learn how Great Lakes can help create more value and satisfaction for both your employees and your organization.

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At Great Lakes Insurance Advisors, we utilize leading edge practices in insurance, partnerships with subject-matter experts and technology to deliver more customized, relevant and effective benefit programs.
Our ‘next generation’ service and relationship management process includes:
  • Discovery

    We begin by understanding your unique circumstances, needs and goals through our robust intake methodology.

  • Analysis

    We evaluate both the individual and collective impact of your employee benefits programs, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

  • Recommendations

    As employee benefits experts and advisors, we believe you deserve to know the truth as we see it. We owe you our best thinking.

  • Implementation

    We develop detailed strategies, plans and timetables to execute our agreed-to plan with exceptional precision and accountability.

  • Communication

    We ensure all stakeholders are kept informed throughout the process and manage their individual expectations.

  • Education

    We help employees maximize the value of their employee benefits through relevance, credibility and behavioral change.

  • Feedback

    With systematic and customized research, we help you sustain a cycle of continuous improvement and satisfaction.

Our Office

1442 Brush Street
Detroit, MI 48226
O: 313-447-0809
C: 313-580-4699